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Spearfishing Maui

Spearfishing classes on maui

Want to go spearfishing on Maui? Top Shot Spearfishing make it easy!


We begin our adventure with the classroom portion of the day at 7:30AM in the Launiupoko area on Maui. Our classrooms are open air style, designed to immediately engage you with the elements of our beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Our guides will introduce themselves and tell you a bit about how they became involved in the spearfishing lifestyle.


We have developed a spearfishing training system that focuses on 3 core elements of spearfishing:

  • The Speargun

  • Breathing and relaxing

  • Hunting and stalking theory 


We operate off the Lahaina coastline which is the leeward or Westside of Maui. The West Maui coastline is generally calm due to the West Maui mountains creating a large wind shadow. This wind shadow allows us to access calm, clear and beautiful waters virtually year around.  We pick our dive sites solely based on conditions for any given dive day, taking into account, wind, swell, visibility and other variables to ensure we are on the best dive location for the day.

Kona Spearfishing Guide

Maui Guide


Expert Local Guide

Committed to safety, excellence and guest experience.

  • 25 years spearfishing experience

  • FII trained, Level 1/Advanced Safety/++

  • Lifeguard CPR/First Responder

  • Excited to share the world of spearfishing 

Top Shot Spearfishing


225 Punakea Loop

Lahaina, Hawaii


Phone: 808.205.8585

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