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Top Shot Spearfishing was born out of the highly focused passion of founder and spearo, Jeremy Selg. Jeremy started his spearfishing and freediving career in 1993 when the waves went flat during surfing trips to the costal regions of the Pacific Northwest. It was during this time when he and his friends were looking for something to fill in downtime between swells, that they found the sport of spearfishing. Since his first breath hold and shot on a surf perch he has been hooked. Always being one to seek to master his endeavors, Jeremy started to seek out a mentor or some type of training format for his new found passion, with no avail. In 1993 freediving and spearfishing was pretty much unheard of in the Pacific Northwest, with cold murky waters, this was the sport for the few and the brave, not to mention the cold! After stumbling through the sport for a few years he met some local guys that had just moved from the Big Island in search of a new adventure in the Pacific Northwest. When he started diving and surfing with his new found cohorts he started to figure out the true essence of the sport of freediving and spearfishing.

During his tenure in the Pacific Northwest Jeremy excelled at a sales career in the automotive industry, starting at the bottom and working his way through a finance director position and eventually onto a position as a regional sales trainer for automotive giant, Auto Nation. During this time he refined his presentation skills, interpersonal communication skills and developed a unique style of engaging his trainees and helping them to succeed in their chosen profession. He then made a career change to the mortgage industry in 2000 and had a successful 5 year stint, while the housing market soared. He didn’t know then, but these skills would help define the world class introduction to spearfishing and freediving that is now known as the best introduction to spearfishing and freediving in the world, Top Shot Spearfishing!

After moving to Oahu in 2005 Jeremy started to hone his hunting and stalking techniques for Hawaiian waters while living on the Northshore of Oahu. The next few years he worked on the diving form, breathing techniques, fish identification, fish behavior and skills that it takes to hunt the elusive and well educated fish we find here in Hawaiian waters. During this time on Oahu he started to notice something about the sport of spearfishing, it was growing and people were becoming more and more interested in the sport that had consumed all of his free time. He also noticed that there was a severe lack of professional training available to the people who were new to the sport or interested in learning the sport. This is when the concept of a comprehensive introduction to spearfishing and freediving was born.

Fast forward three years, Jeremy is now living on the less populated and laid back island of Maui and starts to put his concept into a tangible format. With an undying passion for the sport of spearfishing, relentless search for perfection, an unyielding foundation of safety, a strong commitment to the ethics and responsible ocean use, Jeremy clearly lead the way and developed a format that has proven to be the most successful introduction to spearfishing in the world. We are truly honored to introduce you to the wonderful and amazing sport of spearfishing, and we are proud to introduce you to Top Shot Spearfishing!

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