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Top Shot Spearfishing

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Core Values



First and foremost. Our guests safety is always our primary focus. The ocean can be an unpredictable place. Rest assured our professional guides are trained, certified and focused on making sure you are safe from start to finish.



Ethics starts by putting the resource first. We strictly adhere to state regulations, but also infuse our personal beliefs on resource management. Just because there isn't current regulations on certain species, doesn't mean there shouldn't be. We target fish that harm our reef and leave the ones that help.



We love what we do and take teaching and guiding spearfishing to the highest levels of professionalism. We maintain commercial licenses, insurance and all of the required certifications to deliver a professional experience to our guests.



We strive for a five star experience with all of our guests. This starts the moment you find us. You're experience on the website, through the booking process, information regarding the dive, to the dive itself, we shoot for five stars! Our goal is for you to tell a friend what an amazing time you had!

Our Roots

50lb Mahi Mahi

Top Shot Spearfishing emerged from the profound passion of its founder and spearo, Jeremy Selg.

Jeremy embarked on his journey into spearfishing and freediving in 1993. While on surf trips to the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest, the swell would die down with tide changes. It was during these downtime moments, while seeking something to fill the gaps between swells, that he discovered the exhilarating world of spearfishing.

From the very first breath-holding dive and shot at a surf perch, Jeremy was captivated. Ever the avid learner, he began his quest to find a mentor or training program to refine his newfound passion, but such resources were scarce in the Pacific Northwest of 1993. In those days, freediving and spearfishing remained largely unknown in the cold, murky waters of the Pacific Northwest, appealing only to the intrepid few who dared to brave the chill.


After navigating the sport for several years, Jeremy crossed paths with some Hawaii locals who had recently relocated from Hawaii's Big Island in search of new adventures in the Pacific Northwest. It was during his dives and surfing sessions with these newfound friends that he began to unravel the true essence of freediving and spearfishing.

In 2005, Jeremy relocated to Oahu and set his sights on refining his hunting and stalking skills for Hawaiian waters while residing on the North Shore. Over the ensuing years, he dedicated himself to perfecting his diving form, mastering breathing techniques, understanding fish behavior, and honing the skills needed to pursue the elusive and highly intelligent fish that inhabit Hawaiian waters. During his time on Oahu, Jeremy noticed a growing interest in the sport of spearfishing, as more people became captivated by the pastime that had consumed his every free moment. It also became evident that there was a lack of professional training available for newcomers to the sport or those interested in learning it. This realization led to the concept for a comprehensive introduction to spearfishing and freediving.

Fast forward to 2009, and Top Shot Spearfishing was officially established on the island of Maui. Driven by an unwavering passion for spearfishing, an unceasing pursuit of perfection, a strong commitment to safety, and a deep dedication to ethical and responsible ocean use, Jeremy emerged as a leader who crafted a format that has proven to be the most successful introduction to spearfishing worldwide. We take great pride in introducing you to the exhilarating world of spearfishing and Top Shot Spearfishing. After five years of growth on Maui, Jeremy expanded to the Big Island to establish a second Top Shot Spearfishing location. Today, we offer our lessons and guiding services on both Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.

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